Doctor Risked His Life To Be On Duty At The Hospital.

Some doctors just want to give you a pill and just send you on your way so they can see the next patient and have them do the same thing. I’ve been to those doctors, cramming patients into 5-minute blocks so they can see more and more and make more and more money. Hopefully, your own doctor is not like that. Hopefully, he loves his job and loves helping people as much as he can.

Maybe a doctor like obstetrician Bassem Maximos of Texas. It normally takes him about 10 minutes to get from his home to the hospital, but one day, the skies opened up and floodwaters hit the area. He had to get to the hospital to deliver two babies. But on the way there, his car stalled in those floodwaters. He could see the hospital in the distance, so he got out of his car in near waist-deep water and headed that way.

While wading through the waters, he came upon another car that had stalled, and the passenger was complaining of chest pains. He examined him and flagged down a truck that was somehow getting through the floodwaters. He helped put him on board the truck and watched them drive away toward the hospital. Then Bassem continued on his way there.

Finally, he made it, even slipping in a puddle and hurting his back. But he quickly moved on. Then he dried off, slipped into his scrubs and delivered two healthy babies.

Says Bassem: “It’s my duty. In a way, it’s a calling. I love what I do… I think I was just doing my job.”

Well If only more doctors could think of it that way. 

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