Doctor Suggested To Abort Their Deformed Baby – See Him 2 Yrs Later.

24 weeks into Sara’s pregnancy, doctors informed her that the baby she was carrying was terribly deformed. He had a very rare genetic condition, with one of his chromosomes missing, and he would be born with a severe cleft lip. Several other disabilities were very possible.

Doctors wanted to know if Sara and her partner, Chris, wanted to keep the pregnancy going through birth. It was quite a decision to be handed, but neither of them hesitated one bit… they decided they definitely wanted to keep the child, because they were going to love that child no matter what.

So, in October of 2016, little Brody was born to Sara and Chris. They both breathed a big sigh of relief and were ready to take on any and all challenges that came with raising a child with disabilities.

Brody had a rough time recovering from illnesses, and he went through many surgeries. But through it all, he was quite the character, and his parents just loved him more and more.

Sara now writes a blog called Cleft Connection as a forum for those looking for answers and support. And today, Sara has a fun, rambunctious 2-year-old in little Brody. And she and Chris could not be any happier. 

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