Dog Breaks Down Crying Because His Owners Were Forced To Sell The Cow That Raised Him.

Humans bond with animals, and animals bond with other animals. But seldom do you see a cow bond with a puppy…. not like this, anyway.

An energetic puppy named Rookie just loved to run around and play with his owners. And then there was the cow on the family farm. There was an extremely close bond between those two. The large, brown female cow would lick at Rookie and nuzzle him, and they would drink water together. And sometimes, the puppy would even sleep on the cow’s back. They were such close companions.

And then came that day that awful day when the owner could not afford to keep his two cows, and he sold them. When Rookie’s friend was walked out of its enclosure, the puppy was right beside her. And as she was moved away from him, Rookie started howling and barking…. he was upset.

Then, while some distance down the road, the motherly cow started mooing, and Rookie shot off running, ignoring his owner’s commands to stop, and following the sounds of her moos until he was standing right next to her. She was now tied up in another stall, and Rookie started licking at her, jumping up and down.

When the owner caught up to Rookie, he picked him up and verbally scolded him for running off. And he carried him back home, with Rookie wriggling and yipping all the way. Rookie felt like his own mother was being ripped away from him because the love between them was so strong… and he cried.

When he was taken back home, he became very depressed, and would not eat. He was devastated that his friend was no longer there with him. But after a very short time, and seeing Rookie’s extreme sadness, the cow’s owner had a change of heart, and decided to keep the cow, even though it would hurt him financially. But at that time, Rookie’s happiness was more important, and it certainly showed the owner had a very big heart. 

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