Dog Celebrated As Soon He Recognized His Owner’s Scent.

Technology is great. Because of it we can stay in touch with those we love in real time. But when you’re separated from a beloved pet, technology doesn’t seem to help a whole lot. Our pets miss us just as much as we miss them.

One veteran just back home from military duty found out how much his dog missed him when he arrived at an Oregon airport. The dog’s tail started wagging like crazy when he realized his master was there, and the joy on the animal’s face was obvious. But it took awhile for the dog to recognize him.

In the time they had been apart, the soldier had grown a long, thick beard, and he was wearing a ball cap that partially hid his face. But when the dog got close enough to catch his owner’s scent, well, it was celebration time!! And the dog pounced on him and started licking his face.

Welcome home, soldier. Welcome home.

Posted by McKayla Crump on Sunday, 23 December 2018

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