Dog Found Safe After Being Stolen Along With Car.

Rosa Nese, of Boston, ran into a convenience store one night earlier this year to grab a lottery ticket. She left her SUV running because she was only going to be gone a minute. But sometimes a minute is all a thief needs.

When she came out of the store, her vehicle was gone, and so was her dog, Chief, a big lovable lab that was waiting for her inside it. Rosa was hysterical… more so that her dog was taken instead of her SUV.

Chief had helped Rosa through an extremely difficult time when the woman lost her mother last year. He also comforted Rosa when a fire destroyed her home. And now he was gone, and Rosa was so worried about him, because he needed his medications. So Rosa and her friends got together and mapped out areas to search.

The very next day, one of those friends found Rosa’s car parked in a cemetery just outside Boston and phoned police. Fortunately, chief was inside and he was just fine, and extremely happy to be reunited with Rosa. The thief WAS caught and arrested. 

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