Dog Saved His Owner From Freezing To Death By His Smart Move.

People can do some amazing things but sometimes dogs can be just as amazing, even more so. Here are 10 stories of some pretty incredible canines.

1. Bob headed out alone from his farmhouse to gather some firewood on New Year’s Eve. Then he slipped on ice, fell and broke his neck. Out in the bitter cold, he couldn’t move. But his trusted dog, Kelsey, stayed by his side, laying on top of him to keep him warm and barking all night long for help.

The next day, around 6:30 p.m., a neighbor heard Kelsey barking and went to check on him. He found Bob and quickly called for emergency help. Bob has since recovered from his neck injury and has Kelsey to thank for his survival.

2. When animal rescuers saved a pit bull from a Staten Island crack house, they had no where to take her. She was extremely malnourished and had cigarette burns all over her body.

But a New York Fire Department station decided to take her in temporarily. Strangely enough, that station is called Fort Pitt. Before long, an official with the department asked the rescuers if they could adopt the dog. They did, and named her Ashley, or Ash for short.

Now Ash even rides with the crew on runs and has her own Instagram account with more than 30,000 followers. And updates on Ash are posted almost every day.

3. Hey! You just can’t keep a good dog down. After a devastating earthquake in Italy, many houses collapsed. Family members who returned to there wrecked home had given up hope that their dog, Romeo, was still alive.

But then they heard a muffled barking in the debris, and as they were removing some of it, out popped Romeo, who, amazingly, was still in good health.

4. Sherlock, a Samoyed/Great Pyrenees mix pup, was very close to being on the bad end of a high-kill shelter in rural Tennessee when he was rescued.

Today, he’s a service dog for an autistic boy in New England, and is the perfect friend for his new owner. He helps his 8-year-old master stay calm when he starts to suffer anxiety attacks and episodes.

A second chance at life probably never felt better.

5. Hospitals from all over the world are making inquiries into a very special kind of dog to help fight a certain infection.

Angus, an English springer spaniel, has been trained for sniffing out C. difficile, which is a bacteria that causes infectious diarrhea in hospitals and long-term care facilities. It attacks a person’s digestive tract made vulnerable by antibiotics.

After training, Angus’s rate of detection was between 95 and 100 percent. He now works at Vancouver General Hospital, and officials at other facilities are now realizing they can significantly reduce illness with a dog like Angus around.

6. Well, when ya gotta go… ya gotta go. But Ludivine went… and then some. April Hamlin of Elkmont, Alabama, had just let 2-year-old bloodhound Ludivine out the back for a regular potty break.

After that, Ludivine took off from the back yard and found herself at the starting line for the county’s inaugural Trackless Train Trek Half Marathon. And she ran it… with runners…passing them… often.

And, although she drifted off course to check out a dead rabbit or two, she finished the race.. in seventh place. And she was awarded a medal by race officials for doing so.

7. Negao was an abandoned dog when Sabrina Plannerer and her partner bought the land to operate a Shell gas station in a Brazilian town. But the two put him to work when the station opened, giving him his own cap and even an ID badge.

When customers stop at the station Negao runs up to them and show them a lot of love… And the customers certainly love Negao, often bringing him toys to play with.

Negao is a poster dog for a charity group trying to pair stray dogs with businesses.

8. When you want something bad enough, you never give up. Just before a dangerous 20-mile trek through the Ecuadorian rainforest, a Swedish athlete sat for a quick meal. Then noticed a scruffy dog watching him. He gave the dog a meatball before continuing with his 3 other team members to tackle the course.

The dog followed, and he would not STOP following as the team was completing the final two stages of the 430-mile Adventure Racing World Championship.

The dog, which the team named Arthur, swam alongside their kayaks, dragged himself up hills and pulled himself through knee-deep mud to stay with the athletes.

After six days, they had completed the race, and Arthur was pretty beat up and exhausted by the experience. So they took him to a vet and did not leave his side while doctors took care of him. Then they adopted Arthur and took him with them back to Sweden.

9. A stray dog showed up at Lucia’s house in Brazil, so she gave her some food. When the dog returned the next night, Lucia did the same thing, only putting the food inside an open plastic bag. Then she noticed the dog only ate a little then ran off with the bag. The dog returned every night and did the same thing, leaving with a bag full of food.

Lucia named her Lilica and decided to follow Lilica one night to see what she was doing with the food. She followed the dog across some very dangerous areas and into a junkyard… four miles from Lucia’s home.

Lilica had been taking all the bags of food to share with her junkyard friends…cats, chickens and other dogs. And now, more than three years later, Lilica shows up at Lucia’s home at precisely 9 p.m. every single night and receives a bag of food. And after a few minutes, she’s gone into the night once more.

10. We’ve all heard the saying, “Dog is man’s best friend.” But I guarantee you… he can also be a woman’s best friend… and, certainly, a child’s.

Last summer, in Baltimore, Maryland, Erika Poremski had just stepped out to her car for a minute when a fire sudden erupted in her home. Her 8-month-old daughter, and their dog Polo, were still inside the home.

As Erika raced back into the home, flames kept pushing her back. Firefighters quickly made it to the scene and a frantic Ericka yelled that her young daughter, Viviana, was trapped inside the burning house. Firefighters pushed past the flames and found Viviana lying on the floor. She was rushed to the hospital suffering burns to one side. Firefighters also brought out Polo and worked hard to revive him… But, unfortunately, he did not survive.

Firefighters had found Polo completely on top of and covering little Viviana, protecting her as much as he could from the smoke and flames. He could have left her at any time and escaped to safety. But he chose to stay with her… giving his own life so Viviana could have a chance to live hers.

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