Dog Takes 4 Bullets To Protect The Family From Intruders.

Our dogs can be just as important as our human friends. Sometimes, even more so, and here are 10 of the most loyal dogs you will ever find.

1. Charlie the dog was at her owner’s home in Los Angeles with her two sibling pups when burglars broke into their home. But Charlie and the pups chased them out of the house and down the street.

One of the fleeing burglars then shot Charlie twice, hitting Charlie in her front and back legs. Had the bullets not hit Charlie, there was a possibility they could have struck one of the owner’s children.

Charlie’s pups were able to push Charlie back to the house, and Charlie was taken to the local animal control shelter, since the owner could not afford an expensive vet bill.

But a worker at the shelter started a crowdfunding page for Charlie to get medical help. It quickly raised more than $8,000… double the actual goal. Charlie got the treatment she needed and a leg had to be amputated. But her owners consider her a true canine hero.

2. Jesus Hueche was pruning a tree in his front yard in Buenos Aires when he slipped and took a hard fall onto his head. He was momentarily knocked unconscious, but when he came to, his pet dog Tony was laying on top of him and nuzzling his chest.

As paramedics dashed to the scene, Tony stayed with Jesus, comforting him as he lie there in pain. Paramedics had a hard time getting a growling Tony away from Jesus so they could tend to him, but finally Jesus was carted away for treatment. And during his recovery at home, Tony never left his owner’s side.

3. In Thailand, a 3-year-old dog that fell out of a truck waited a full year by the roadside in hopes that her owner would pick her up and take her home.

The dog, nicknamed Loung by passersby, camped out by the road for hours at a time, waiting for her owner to return. Some of the locals fed her as she kept her patient vigil, and she was considered something of a celebrity in the area.

Unfortunately, this story does not have a happy ending. Loung was run over and killed by a motorist late last year as she walked along the highway. A dog lovers’ club in the area gave her a decent burial.

4. 14-year-old Juan Trevino was spending summer camp in the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range and was searching for firewood when he slipped on a tree trunk and fell down a ravine.

Not far behind Juan was Max the dog, an animal he had only met just hours earlier. Over the next 44 hours, the two cuddled at night to stay warm, and Max even led Juan to a watering hole so they could both drink.

Finally, after the long ordeal, rescuers arrived, and the two were reunited with their families.

5. Duke was rescued from a shelter by the Brousseau family in Portland, Connecticut some years back. One night, Duke ran into mom and dad’s bedroom, jumped on the bed and started shaking erratically.

They knew something was wrong, so they went to check on their 9-week-old son, Harper. Harper had stopped breathing. An ambulance was called and quickly arrived, and soon, the little boy recovered.

Duke had saved the little boy’s life, and the couple was even more thrilled to call Duke their own.

6. In China, a woman riding an electric bike with her dog on board was hit by a car and knocked down. The dog took off after the car and chased it and even got in front of it so the driver had to stop.

The dog then followed the driver back to its owner. Fortunately, the woman suffered only bruises in the accident.

7. In Brazil, a man fell ill and an ambulance was called to take him to the hospital. While he was riding in the ambulance, his scruffy dog, named Spike, ran after the ambulance, trying to stay as close to his owner as he could.

After a while down the road and to keep the dog safe, the ambulance driver stopped and paramedics picked up the dog so it could ride with its owner.

8. In Italy, Ciccio’s owner would take the German Shepherd to church every day for morning mass.

Incredibly, after his owner died, Ciccio continues to walk to the church every day and attend morning mass.

9. In France, a 63-year-old woman walked into her garden with a rifle and fired a few shots. She then turned the gun on herself and was starting to pull the trigger when her pet dog, a German Shepherd, jumped on her.

A shot rang out, but its aim was diverted, and the woman and the dog were alive. Sensing danger, the dog had jumped onto the woman to save her life.

10. In Baldwin, Georgia, a stray pit bull jumped up and saved a woman from an knife-weilding attacker, getting stabbed several times itself by doing so.

Police officers got the dog to a vet and into emergency surgery. Amazingly, he pulled through.

That stray dog has since been named “Hero” and was adopted by a couple from Tennessee.

Bonus story: During a guide dog training class, two pooches started getting very close to each other. They appeared to be falling for each other.

Their blind owners didn’t know what to do except to keep their dogs’ romance going strong. And while keeping their dogs on “very friendly terms,” the owners themselves fell in love with each other.

Soon after, they were married, with their loving dogs serving as ring bearers.

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