Dog Trained To Snuggle His Owner’s Seizure Away.

Derek Douglas of Lafayette, Indiana, is an electronics technician. He also has epileptic seizures that cannot be helped through drugs. He spaces out during an episode, and it doesn’t help that he lives alone near a busy road. So he got Rosco, a 17-month-old golden retriever that serves as an epilepsy service dog.

Derek uses Vagus Nerve Stimulation to manage his seizures. It requires being implanted under a person’s skin to send mild pulses to the brain through the vagus nerve. But sometimes it doesn’t trigger. That’s where Rosco comes in. It can be manually triggered when a magnet is held over the implant site. The magnet is carried in Rosco’s bandana and he can trigger the device by snuggling up to his owner’s chest.

Not a bad way to show someone you care. 

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