Dog WAITS 4 YEARS For Owner At The Same Spot.

It’s such a nice feeling to know that someone is waiting for you at home. And, of course, animals do that too… they wait for that wonderful moment when their owners walk back through that door to greet them. But one dog in Thailand found itself waiting for his owner for a long time. Years, in fact.

About 4 years ago, Leo somehow got separated from his owner near a gas station while the two were out for a drive. After a while, Leo returned to that very same spot. And he waited. And waited. But his owner never returned. Leo would spend hours and hours looking down the same stretch of road just hoping that next car heading his way would be that familiar one. But it never came. Leo watched and waited for four years.

Many people living in that area noticed Leo, and they knew what he was doing. So they decided to take care of him while he waited. They fed him, and they even gave him medicine when lesions appeared on his body.

One woman took him home and tried to give him a new family, but Leo would escape the first chance he had and return back to his spot near the gas station to wait for his owner. Others tried to take him in as well, and Leo would always run away and find his waiting spot.

One man took photos of Leo waiting in his spot, and he posted them on social media. They got a lot of attention, and made many people very sad. But they were also spotted by a family that lost their dog back in 2015, and Leo sure looked a lot like him. They had searched for him many times and just could not find him. But now there was a chance that this dog, that had been waiting at this spot for so long, could be him. So they contacted the man who posted the photos, and they met up with him and the waiting dog. And sure enough, Leo was their dog… the one they had been looking for for years.

Strangely, through, Leo did not seem too excited to see them. He apparently just wanted that reunion… that closure… and that’s all. Because now he was content to stay put in that area where he had waited for so long. So the owners agreed to allow Leo to be taken in by the woman who had cared for him so much during all those years. They even agreed to help pay for his food and any medical care. So now Leo lives with that woman, content in knowing that his owners actually DID return after all that time.

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