Dog Walks Into The Police Station To Report Himself “MISSING”.

It’s not too often a missing person shows up at the police station to report themselves missing. Probably even more uncommon is a missing dog doing the same thing.

In Texas, smack dab in the middle of the night, Chico got into the Odessa police station, ran up to the front desk and reported himself missing…. uhhh, in so many tail wags.

But before tracking down Chico’s owner, the officers there had some fun playing with the German Shepherd. They had a tennis ball and played fetch with him. Meanwhile, Chico’s owner was in a sound sleep, not even realizing that his pet had escaped and turned himself in.

Chico didn’t give police much to go on. He didn’t have an ID tag on his collar, so police had to check with animal control to see if he had a microchip implanted. But before they could, Chico took off again, running out just as quickly as running in.

Said a post on the department’s Facebook page: “He was given lots of love and attention until he decided it was time for him to leave. He let himself out and after an exhausting search was not found.”

Edward Alvarado’s nephew texted him after seeing Chico’s pictures posted on the police department’s page. He recognized him as being his uncle’s dog.

Posted by Odessa Police Department on Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Says Sgt. Rusty Martin: “The owner responded the next day [to say that] it was his dog and he had returned home. He lives about a mile from the station. I was impressed. He may just be cut out for this work.”

The department had posted on their site that Chico was applying for a K-9 position, something he seems very adept at. The department later posted that officers were happy he found his way back home and was welcome to visit the department any time. That post was shared about 2,000 times.

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