Dog Who Ran Half-Marathon Alongside Humans Got Medal.

In Western Australia, Stormy, a stray dog, came out of nowhere to join the runners at the start of the 21-kilometer Goldfields Pipeline Marathon, and stayed with them to finish it.

Marathon volunteer coordinator Allison Hunter was amazed and impressed by the dog. Says Allison: “This dog is walking around, making itself known to all the runners. We get the air horn out and say ‘Go’ and off he goes with everybody.”

Stormy, as he was dubbed at the event, finished the race at 2 and a half hours, which matched the average finish time.

For his doggone athleticism, Stormy, too, was awarded a finisher’s medal. But before everyone could get too attached to the lovable dog, he was whisked away by rangers and taken to a pound.

Several who ran the race expressed interest in quickly adopting him. 

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