Dog’s Unbelievable Reaction When Soldier Sent His “Smelly” Shirt For Him.

Brindle was rescued from a shelter when he was a puppy, and he has been loved ever since by his human parents, J.D. And Rachel Aument. He seems to have a closer relationship with J.D., as another dog in the home, Xavier, seems closer with Rachel. So it’s no wonder that Brindle has a tough time when his human buddy, J.D., goes on deployment overseas.

Says Rachel: “He’s so sad without him here. He loves me, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not his person. He has days where he just sits at the front window, crying.”

After J.D. had been on deployment for about 9 months, Rachel let him know that his dog was having a terrible time adjusting to life without him. So J.D. tried to figure out what he could do to help his little canine friend back at home. And then, it came to him.

A short time later, Rachel received a package in the mail. It was from J.D., and its contents were to be delivered immediately to Brindle. When Rachel opened it up, it was a simple pullover shirt. A shirt that J.D. had worn. A stinky shirt that J.D. had worn and never washed.

When Rachel put it in front of Brindle, one would think he was in doggy heaven. He sniffed the shirt, smelled J.D.’s scent on it, and started wagging his tail. He then rolled around on top of that shirt for the rest of the day.

Says Rachel: “He immediately knew that it was JD’s shirt. There was no doubt about it. I was crying so hard while recording his reaction… I had to take a minute with the shirt for myself before sharing it with Brindle.”

Rachel then posted her video on Facebook and it went viral fast, receiving more than 600,000 views. It was obvious to see that Brindle really loved… and missed… his dad.

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