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Dolly Parton Blasted For Looking ‘Ugly’ And ‘Cheap’ — Husband Of 56 Yrs Thinks She’s The Prettiest In The World.

Dolly Parton, the country songstress, is nearly in her sixties, but some still criticize her appearance. However, she is unconcerned with the critics as she is the most attractive to her spouse.

Carl Dean, the singer- songwriter of five decades, met her in 1964 outside the Wishy Washy Laundromat in Nashville, Tennessee. He was twenty-one years old, and she was eighteen.

Parton remembered the time they met in 1976, when Dean was driving his pickup truck and noticed her and hailed her. He made an immediate approach by asking her out on a date, but she rejected.

Parton, on the other hand, invited Dean over when she was babysitting her nephew. He went to the residence every day that week but was not permitted to enter. They sat on the porch, the actress explained.

Parton went on to say that when her aunt was eventually ready to take over, she was allowed to travel anywhere with Dean from then on.

He introduced her to his parents at the earliest opportunity. Dean believed she was the one the moment he lay eyes on her, according to the acclaimed star.

On May 31, 1966, the pair married in a small ceremony in Ringgold, Georgia. In May 2016, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and Dean raved about his famous wife.

Despite the fact that his wife lives a highly prominent life, Dean prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Parton, in turn, has respected his desires and kept their marriage out of the spotlight. During an appearance on “The Kelleigh Bannen Show” in March 2022, she alluded to the matter.

Because of the knowledge her mother passed down to her, the philanthropist was able to separate her personal life from her business life. Her mother instructed her to “give away,” but not all, so that she might save some things for herself.

Parton stated that keeping certain elements of her life secret had aided her marriage. She went on to say that she learnt how to maintain specifics about her marriage privately, which grew easier with time.

Another thing Parton guards is her health. In June 2021, the “Steel Magnolias” actress claimed that she follows an 80/20 diet.

During the week, she follows a low-carb diet, but on weekends, the entrepreneur lives the 80/20 lifestyle.

Parton’s diet excludes fruits and vegetables, however she is flexible with her cuisine and does not adhere to a particular diet plan. The actress revealed that she tried several diets.

Parton has also spoken openly about her appearance, notably her various cosmetic operations. The “Joyful Noise” star admitted in September 2019 that she is not gorgeous until she works on her body.

The Hall of Famer admits to altering her looks in order to seem lovely, adding that she will go to any length to obtain the image she desires.

Parton received severe criticism for her actions as she rose to stardom. She remembers people advising her that if she desired to advance in her profession, she should shed her characteristic look- The most common piece of advice she has received is to simplify her appearance, including her hair and clothing. They would tell her not to appear so cheap because no one would ever take her seriously.

Trolls on social media have made disparaging remarks about the Grammy Award winner’s looks throughout the years.

The Queen of Country, on the other hand, has remained unmoved by the criticism and chooses to rock her look since it suits her personality. It takes a lot of money to appear this cheap, Parton famously stated.

Parton was at the peak of her profession in the 1980s when she suffered from a variety of health problems. The singer experienced significant stomach discomfort and bleeding and required two procedures to stem internal hemorrhage.

Parton started self-medicating during the process, drowning her emotions with drink and food. As a result, she had a raspy throat and was unable to sing.

However, she started an extreme diet, binge eating, and swiftly gained 50 pounds. Parton revealed in 2017 that she had a “large appetite” for someone her height.

The Tennessee native was a fan of canned meat and fast food, and she could devour three pizzas and still desire McDonald’s and French fries.

The pattern repeated until she gained 10 pounds in 10 days and then opted to starve it off. The poisonous habit ultimately put a burden on her body, and physicians urged her to lose 20 pounds.

They ordered her to consume the correct foods, but she was already addicted to the pattern, and she collapsed while performing against their orders in Indianapolis. Parton passed out as a result of internal hemorrhage. She was diagnosed with endometriosis and had her tubes closed after undergoing a partial hysterectomy.

Parton was unable to have children because of the procedure. She and Dean had hoped to have six children together before her diagnosis, but that goal was dashed. She talked about her terrifying ordeal and gradually recovered her health.

Parton stated that she was not interested in drastic dieting and instead chose a nip-tuck to get the desired small figure. She stated that as long as it makes you happy, you should do it.

Her spouse, on the other hand, seems unconcerned with her looks and has come to accept it. He doesn’t care whether she is fat, Parton said, adding he was never turned off. He thinks she is the sexiest, most beautiful lady on the planet.

Parton previously stated that “fat girls” are everyone’s favorite and that she had been advised to reduce weight but declined.

Parton revealed a never-before-seen throwback photo with her husband in November 2021, and admirers swooned, calling him “handsome.”

The two are holding hands in the photo, which she wrote to find you a companion that will encourage you like her Carl Dean!

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