Dropkick Murphys Performs For The Little Kid At His Window.

In Boston, 3-year-old Quinn Waters had surgery to remove a tumor from his brain. And because of that, he started making headlines all across the state. Aside from the tumor and chemotherapy, he also had a stem cell transplant, and had to be confined to his home once released from the hospital until his immune system recovered.

This little boy’s struggles became very well known to the public. And many wanted to do something about it. Lots of supporters even stopped by his window at his home to encourage him.

Says his father, Jarlath: “Stuff like that gets him through the day because he’s literally stuck in the house, for a three old it’s tough. We’ve gotten offers… people coming by dressed as superheroes, a drama club wants to come by and do a performance on the lawn.”

And one of the young boy’s recent window visits was by two members from a band known as Dropkick Murphys. They were Ken Casey and Tim Brennan. The singer sang “I’m Shipping Up To Boston,” with a shark puppet that occasionally would take a “bite” out of Quinn’s arm, as he stood at the window completely amused.

The band posted about the visit, saying: “Quinn has a wonderful family and they are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.”

The family also posted their thoughts about the visit, saying: “We cannot be more thankful to everyone, but especially today, to Ken Casey and Tim Brennan for taking the time to come see Quinn. Quinn will most certainly be rocking his DKM gear at his next clinic visit!”

You can find out more about the young boy on The Mighty Quinn Facebook page.

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