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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Si Robertson shares update after lung surgery.

Si Robertson is a well-known television personality in the United States. He features on Duck Dynasty, where he is lovingly known as “Uncle Si.”

He is a duck call veteran and former reed maker at Duck Commander. His presence on the popular television show Duck Dynasty catapulted him to worldwide prominence.

He has his own podcast, the Duck Call Room, where he is open about some topics. He indicated that he would be undergoing surgery. His health has been a source of concern in recent years. In an episode of his podcast, he admitted to having lung and breathing issues, which he blamed on smoking. He also has COPD, and his lung and respiratory problems increased after he received COVID-19.

The 74-year-old television personality and podcast presenter is affectionately referred to as ‘Uncle Si’ by his family and followers. He informed his followers that he had received clearance for surgery in June 2022. He stated that the treatment would include inserting valves that would repair the problem with his underperforming lung, allowing him to breathe easier.

He stated at that time that he was in Houston for some examinations. There are a few more steps they need to take, but it seems like he’ll be authorized for lung surgery. Then he’ll be able to bore one’s ears to death with even more tales, all of which are assured to be 95% true!

The 74-year-old gave an update in September 2022 that reassured many admirers. He shared a photo of himself at the hospital and provided an update on his health and the surgery itself.

The physician says surgery went fine, he wrote. He is eager to go back to work. Robertson writes to his fans, thanking them for their thoughts and support. It means everything to them.

Numerous people expressed relief in the comments section. His Duck Call Room co-host and Duck Commander General Manager Justin Martin also commented, adding, “Come on back! We got podcasts to do! Praying for ya old man. We love ya!”

Willie Robertson’s wife, Korie Robertson, also left a comment with emojis representing love and prayers.

He spoke extensively about the procedure on his podcast before it occurred to put his followers at peace.

We’re overjoyed to see Uncle Si doing well. All of our thoughts and prayers are with him for his health.

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