Elderly Residents Will Sure Miss The Teens Who Stayed With Them.

When you’re young, you obviously don’t know what it’s like to be old. And many young people today just wanna be with their friends, missing out on some of the wonderful stories and sage advice that can only be given by those who have lived many years.

In Mapplewell, England, late last November, some teenage members of a club offered to spend three days of their time with residents at an assisted living facility, or, as it was called in my early years, the “old folks home.”

Executives at the home loved the idea, and during those days, the teens made a colorful activities cart to store the residents’ games. They baked cakes, gave hand massages, and offered to paint the nails of the female residents.

And before they left, after those three days, they put more presents under the home’s Christmas tree for the residents to enjoy. But aside from all that, the teens were told many stories by the residents, and the teens told the residents their Own stories of their youthful lives. And together, they all connected, like one big, happy family.

And now, the group of teenagers can’t Wait to go back and do it again. And all the residents are holding their arms wide open for them.

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