Elderly Woman Is Ignored In ER. Suddenly, Military Man Approaches And Asks One Question.

At a hospital in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Ashley watched as an elderly woman sat in a wheelchair in the waiting room. The woman had been through all her processes in the emergency room and was discharged. And now she just sat there.

Waiting. And every time she told an ER worker that she had no way to get home, she was pretty much dismissed by them. No one seemed to really care. All of a sudden, a man jumped up and offered to take the elderly woman home. They were complete strangers… didn’t know each other at all, and he had no idea where she lived.

Yet, he was willing to take her home. She offered to pay him for it but he shook his head and said that was not necessary. As he pulled his truck up outside, Ashley wheeled the woman out of the hospital and they carefully put her inside the truck.

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When Ashley returned to the waiting room, she spoke to the man’s wife, whom he brought to the hospital. His name was Jeffrey, and he was a soldier stationed at Fort Campbell. His actions showed Ashley that there are still good people in the world who are considerate of others. Ashley said, “Not only does this man serve our great country, he serves his great little community.”

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