Ellen DeGeneres Is Brought Down To Tears Listening To This Teacher’s Sacrifice.

Sonya Romero teaches in Albuquerque, at an elementary school. And every morning she asks her students two questions: If they’ve eaten that morning and if they need something to wear.

She asks them these questions because three-quarters of her school’s students live in poverty, and Sonya will do about anything to help them out. She is even the foster mother for two of her students.

When word of her selfless acts to her students got out, she was given tickets to the Ellen Show and Ellen invited her on stage to talk about her story. Then a video montage of her students thanking her was played and Sonya, as well as Ellen, broke down in tears.

Then Ellen surprised the good-hearted teacher with a $10,000 check for herself and another $10,000 check for Sonya’s school to help the students. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/1p3ta5clZd4?t=66

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