Emotional Classic Car Auction Stuns Family.

Auctions are fun to go to, as people try to outbid each other to get something. And sometimes, those bids are life-changing.

Earlier this month, in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, a very touching auction was held. In early May, Brent and Nicole Keryluke were killed in a terrible motorcycle crash. They were in their mid-30s. And they left behind 6-year-old Arielle and 3-year-old Liam… their babies. Both of them are hearing-impaired.

Right now, they are being cared for by their grandparents and other members of the family, but everyone is worried about the future of the young ones… medicals costs and all.

A GoFundMe page was set up for the grandparents, and many people, including strangers, are contributing. But just how much is going to be enough? Recently, during the EG Auctions, officials with it stopped it half way through and let everyone in attendance know what was going on with the next item, a 1973 Pontiac being sold by the grandparents… that any money raised from it would go for the care of those young, orphaned children.

Bidding started and climbed really high really fast, and it sold for $29,000. Then it was donated back, and sold again for $30,000. And it was donated back again, and sold for $20,000. By the time bidding on the car was done, it had fetched more than $100,000 for the family. And beyond that, the winning bidders decided to give the car back to the family so the children could drive their father’s car when they get older.

Lyndsay Payne, co-owner of EG Auctions, said: “It was incredible. People were cheering, I was crying. Our auctioneer Rod had a hard time getting through it because he was crying. He was emotional. It was unreal. I’ve never been part of anything like that before in my life.”

And the grandparents were in shock, humbled by the entire community’s generosity. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/TvIALrp7TGk

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