Employee Gets Terminated For Attending His Child’s Birth.

Who inspires YOU to do the right things? Your parents? Maybe a teacher….?? All around us in this big old world, we have people who do the right things for the right reasons, and here are 10 stories of doing the right thing.

1. Lamar Austin worked for a private security group for college campuses and retail stores. And he was in the middle of his 90-day trial period when his wife went into labor.

When he told his boss, his boss gave him a choice… either show up for work, or be terminated. Lamar chose to be with his wife as she gave birth to their son. When word got out that Salerno Protective Services fired Lamar for wanting to be with his wife during such an important time in their lives, many were very upset.

But Lamar did the right thing… And he received a huge amount of job offers right afterwards.

2. 32-year-old Aaron Tucker was trying to the right thing and get back on his feet again after being released from prison. He was heading to a job interview in Stamford, Connecticut, on a bus when he spotted an overturned vehicle just ahead of the bus and it was smoking.

He quickly ran up to the driver, who was NOT going to stop. Aaron told the driver that he needed to get off the bus to help the person in the wrecked car, and asked the bus driver to wait on him. The driver said No.

Aaron jumped off the bus and ran to the car. He unbuckled the driver and got him out of the vehicle. Then Aaron took off the clean, white shirt he had been given for the interview and put it around the man’s bleeding head. The injured driver kept drifting out of consciousness, and Aaron kept telling him to stay awake… that his family wants to see him again.

An ambulance soon arrived and took the man to the hospital. And although Aaron missed his interview because of this, many more job offers have come his way. And because of his kind-hearted actions, people in the community started a GoFundMe page for him, which had raised more than $11,000 in only 18 hours.

Would you make YOUR bus driver stop for something like this? Even if it meant missing a job interview? Your character can be found in your answer.

3. After a young woman finished her class at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, she walked outside and spotted an elderly man sitting all alone by a tree. She walked up to him and asked him how he was doing. “Cold and alone,” he said. “I miss my wife.”

Well, the young woman didn’t really know what to say to that. So she walked away and into a nearby Starbucks. She ordered a cup of coffee and a muffin. Then, almost automatically, she walked out of the shop and back to the old man. She handed him the coffee, sat down beside him and asked him about his wife.

He softly said, “She died on Monday… breast cancer. I’ve been sitting here since then, and you’re the first person to ask me if I was okay.”

Sometimes when we see people who LOOK alone, they really ARE alone. And maybe they just need someone to talk to for a few minutes. Can you spare those few minutes?

4. Kieu Hoang is an immigrant who grew up in Vietnam. His childhood was not a good one, being barefoot and shirtless most of the time. But he came to America and now he’s worth about $3 billion.

Last September, he gave a little speech in front of a crowd, saying, “Dr. Martin Luther King said ‘I have a dream. Thanks to the American people’s help, I have realized some small dreams.… A dream to have immigration laws so that a lot of people do not live in constant fear of being deported. A dream to allow immigrants like me to come into this great America to make it greater.”

After Kieu was finished with his speech, he handed over a check of $5 million to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort in Houston.

5. An elderly man was walking near the tracks in a subway station in Philadelphia when he slipped and fell onto the tracks.

Some witnesses to it ran to get help, but 28-year-old Charles Collins, disregarding any possible danger to himself, jumped down onto the tracks and lifted the man off of them and back onto the platform.

The elderly man suffered a broken back, among other injuries.

6. An 84-year-old woman in northeast England fell one day, and she couldn’t get up. But she managed to get to the phone and call her granddaughter for help. However, she misdialed, and got a BMW dealership instead.

Sales manager Dang Vuong took the call and got the woman’s address. Instead of calling anyone else, Dang sped three miles to the woman’s house and was able to enter her unlocked front door.

The woman was lying on her living room floor with her face bloodied by a cut in the fall. Dang picked her up and put her on the sofa and cleaned up her face. He then called the woman’s granddaughter, who was amazed at the kindness of the stranger.

7. 29-year-old Elizabeth Anderson-Sierra spends up to 10 hours a day pumping her breasts for milk, which amounts to 1.75 gallons, nearly 10 times that of an average woman.

She has been diagnosed with hyperlactation syndrome, meaning she can produce so much more milk than others. And she pumps her breasts almost constantly as a labor of love.

So far, Elizabeth has donated more than 5,000 pints of her breast milk to premie babies and for gay dads to feed their newborns.

8. At a 7-11 store in Massachusetts, 19-year-old store clerk Ava Lins gave a homeless man a cup of coffee. She was fired for doing so. But, as it happens, Ava was offered another job within days… working with a homeless services organization.

Says Ava: “Do what you believe is the right thing, and stand up for what you believe in. Only good things will come of it.”

9. I know this list is about people doing the right things, but allow me to veer off course just a liiiiitle bit for this one.

Bob left his Michigan farmhouse on New Year’s Eve – the last day of 2016 – to collect some firewood. It was a short trip, so Bob was fine in just his long johns, a shirt and slippers, even though it was a really chilly 25 degrees outside. But Bob slipped and broke his neck. It was NOT a good situation.

He was stuck on the cold, snowy ground with no one in sight. He screamed for help, but his nearest neighbor was about a quarter mile away. And it was late… and it WAS New Year’s Eve.

But Bob was really not alone. His 5-year-old Golden Retriever, Kelsey, ran to him when she heard his screams. And she laid on top of him…. all night… to keep him warm. And she barked and she kept barking, wanting others to know that her owner was hurt. And she never left Bob’s side.

At 6:30 in the morning, Kelsey was howling, and Bob’s neighbor heard her, and he rushed over to see what was the matter. The neighbor quickly called for an ambulance after seeing Bob down on the ground. He was suffering from hypothermia. But he recovered from that and the neck injury in the hospital.

And thanks to man’s best friend, Bob got to see another New Year’s Eve. And, hopefully, all the firewood was already inside.

10. Last November, a 3-year-old girl was reported missing from her home in DeKalb County, Alabama.

When Eric Gilbreath heard about it, he knew he had to do something, so he drove two hours from Cullman to get to the little girl’s home. Eric’s son and the missing little girl have the same mother, and Eric wasn’t about to let anything happen to that little girl.

So he pulled up near the home at a wooded area, grabbed his own spotlight and went looking for her. He looked for several hours in the dark woods and finally found her in good condition behind a tree. As he walked her back to her home, he reminded her to never go anywhere without her mom.

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