Employee’s Act Of Kindness Towards Ill Customer Gets Worldwide Recognition.

Brittany McKee a registered nurse was shopping with her husband at a Georgia Walmart when she observed a woman become suddenly ill, and dropped to the floor. So she ran over to help her.

A Walmart employee, identified only as Jason, spotted the woman and quickly realized she was in a bad way. So he ran over to her. Then, he sat down next to her and offered himself for her to lean on. Someone on the staff called an ambulance and someone passing by said a prayer for the woman, who was soon taken to the hospital.

Says Brittany on a post to Facebook: “What I experienced today was love, kindness and serving. We are human beings, each and every one of us, regardless of how much pigmentation our skin has or doesn’t have.”

And that statement alone should give EVERYONE something to think about. 

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