Employees At This Theme Park Trained Birds To Clean Up Trash.

At a theme park in France, corvids… which are birds from the crow and raven family… are being taught to pick up trash on the grounds. And when they do, they are “paid” with food.

The corvids are incredibly intelligent, and have been known to use tools and solve complex puzzles. So Boubou, Bamboo, Bill, Black, Bricole and Baco started their new cleanup gig this past August and worked for four days a week under the watchful eye of a falconer, who urges park-goers not to throw trash on the ground just to watch the birds pick it up.

But the main reason the birds were trained for this was not to just clean up the park. The main purpose was to educate people to throw trash away themselves, because we should KNOW better than to litter. It’s also a good lesson in taking care of the environment. 

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