Entire School Learns Sign Language To Welcome Deaf Kindergartner.

Six-year-old Morey Belanger is deaf and that was a pretty big deal at her Dayton, Ohio, school… because there had never before been a deaf student walking the halls of the facility. So the school leaders wanted to do something special, and… moreover… appropriate for the little girl.

They had a hearing assistive system installed, and then they incorporated additional teacher training for sign language. Many of the halls were even lined with sign language posters.

All of the students began learning sign language, not just some of those in Morey’s class…. But ALL of the students in the school. And, of course, Morey was always there to help them.

Says Principal Kimberly Sampietro: “Morey helped all of them learn the alphabet. The kids have just really embraced her. They look up to her, they want her around, and they want to partner with her.”

All of the students worked hard at learning sign language. And their school wanted to celebrate that. So they invited a young woman who portrays Cinderella to stop by and do sign language with them. And right by her side, there was Morey to help out. There was signing and there was singing. And Morey herself… felt just like a little princess.

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