Entitled Jerk Keeps Parking His BMW In Emergency Vehicle Spot, Regrets Doing So After Female Firefighter Teaches Him A Lesson.

Some folks just don’t understand the message, whether it’s through signs or vocal warnings. Here is a story of a guy who ket parking his car at the emergency vehicle spot. Read the story to know how he was taught a lesson.

Source: Reddit

op – me (Female, 5’11)

Bob- Friend Store Manager

Chief- my boss

entitled Jerk. – who lost his car.

ok background, I worked as a Firefighter as an Investigator for an Independent Department (for information a investigator was the rank of LT. and was based out of a Large Station, 2 engines, 1 newer 110 Tower Ladder Truck, (relative later) 1 chief car, and 1 Utility Truck.

Every day the Food Duties changed from firefighter to firefighter, my Chiefs turn to cook when this happened.

My Friend Bob worked as a GM of a small Grocery Store. There was a Long empty space in front of the store marked with the following sign “emergency Vehicles only”.

Entitled Jerk, he had a nice-looking BMW car and always parked in the above spot every week. Bob told entitled Jerk that he couldn’t park there, “I can park wherever I F###ing want I make more in a day than you make in a week.” my friend calls me complaining about entitled Jerk. I agree to go and watch the spot. I got into our Utility truck which had the Department decals on the door and a single red light on the dash.

I park in the Emergency Vehicles only spot. as I am walking in I hear “You can’t park there, it’s my special spot. I turn and look at the entitled Jerk, “Excuse me,” I ask “I am on official duties and can park there.” I pointed to the decal on the door. entitled Jerk looks and says “You can’t be a firefighter you’re a girl, move your truck and leave the C word.”

Now I’m proud of my job, in a department of 2000 I was 1 of 5 women in the department. I graduated top in my class. I have a shocked looking expression on my face. I get really pissed off, I walk into my friend’s office to get more information about his problem with entitled Jerk, as bob explains the continuous parking violations and I see a small notice on the fire suppression system (sprinklers) that said the inspection was coming up I Smile as I get a idea.

Cue the Revenge

I get some information, leave Bobs office and get into the truck heading back to the station i arrive and head into my Chiefs office, I tell him of entitled Jerk and what he said and does, (Chief is a 6’6″ 320 Samoan he sees everyone as family) Chief’s face gets Bright Red, I explained my idea and He gets very Happy. he rushes out and calls a Station Meeting, I lay out my idea. WE Send out the station to do a fire Drill/inspection by sending the old truck and 1 engine to the store, my friend will call the station the next time entitled Jerk parks in the fire lane.

Skip to 2 weeks later Bob called the station stating that entitled Jerk had just parked. as I am thanking him, I hear his fire alarm go off. I rush and change into my Investigator uniform with turnout gear, tell the Chief, and send the trucks out. I ride in the quint. We arrive and I see Jerk’s car right in the emergency vehicle spot.

I radio to have 1 engine to pull right IN front of entitled Jerk’s car, and the truck to park right beside the driver side door. I get out and the engineer starts setting up the ladder which means 4 very large and heavy Support Struts go down and 1 crushes the front of his hood. the alarm goes off. The lineman breaks his windows as he runs the large 5-inch draft line from the pump to the Standpipes (the fire access to the Sprinkler system.) through his front seats,

I go in to find Bob hurriedly getting people out as the alarm is going off. entitled Jerk runs out of the store, sees his car and goes ballistic, I radio the PD dispatch and request a few officers to the store as I had a Male was impeding a fire operation. the dispatcher says that they will send a few officers. 3 officers show up and I ask them to follow me, they do when I call out.

“Hey, Leave my firefighters alone!” entitled Jerk turns and sees me he rushes up screaming that I’ll pay for damaging his precious baby. (his Car) I stopped him and told him that if he didn’t leave he would be arrested. He gets in my face ‘You did this I’ll have your job for this!” he then turns pushing me back.

The officers and I rush and tackle entitled Jerk to the ground. After they cuff him I calmly inform EB that he was under arrest for assault, and interference with a fire investigation and that his car would be towed for parking in a Fire Lane. (I later found out that it was crushed.) entitled Jerk got 12 months probation for pushing me and interfering with a Fire operation, he also got a fine of $500 for parking, the cost of the tow, and he lost his nice BMW.

Moral of this story is don’t park where you shouldn’t or bad things will happen.

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