Eve Teasers Completely Goes Silent When She Said This.

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So I (20f) was at my boyfriend’s (20m) house the other day. His neighbors were having work done on their roof. So pretty much all day there were men on my boyfriend’s neighbor’s roof.

I went out to my car in the morning because I forgot something there, and all of the men decided it would be fun to catcall and whistle at me. It’s only happened to me a handful of times so I was totally unsure of how to handle the situation. I basically ignored them and went back into the house.

Later on, I devised a plan with my bf. He initially said that he’d be happy to walk me out, but I said no, I want to mess with them like they did to me.

So when I had to leave to go to work (around lunchtime) they were all in the front yard eating lunch. They started to say vile things to me again and so I yelled back this exact (I practiced lol) thing; “stop harassing me. I’m underage and I’ll call the cops on you disgusting group of pedophiles if you say one more word to me.”

(I’m not underaged, but kinda look it)

They went totally silent. I could swear I even saw one guy’s jaw drop. This is the first time I’ve ever stood up to a group of guys like that, and it was the most satisfying and empowering experience ever. I just wanted to share 🙂

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