Every One Ignored Her But For Prom She Was Asked By The Popular Boy.

You know going to the prom is a big deal for most all high school students. It’s an even bigger deal for students with special needs. Here are 10 stories where going to the prom for special needs students was the greatest thing ever.

1. Back in second grade, Ben and Mary became good friends, and Ben promised Mary that one day, he would take her to the prom. In those days of childhood innocence, Ben didn’t see Mary as someone who was different; she was just a girl, but a girl he liked very much.

Well years went by and they remained close friends while going through elementary, junior high, and high school. Through those years, Ben was always looking out for her. Then, it was time for the prom.

Ben kept his promise to Mary, the little girl he had made good friends with way back in second grade; the little girl who, with Downs Syndrome, was viewed as different by so many others, but someone Ben viewed only as a good friend. And when the prom came, Ben, now a very popular quarterback on the school’s football team, walked proudly with Mary, all dressed up, arm-in-arm.

And Mary spent that night being treated like a fairy-tale princess by her charming Prince Ben. And a promise made long ago to a friend was complete.

2. Baylee was born with Down’s Syndrome and she really wanted to go to her prom at Grand Forks Central with Brock. She wrote him on Twitter to ask him if he would, and she waited.

But while she waited, her mom, not knowing about the request her daughter made to Brock, shut down her media accounts because she worried about Baylee being on them so much.

So, unknown to Baylee, Brock attempted to respond to her request but just couldn’t get through to her. Fortunately, through a mutual friend, Brock was able to track down Baylee’s mom and texted her for permission to take Baylee to the prom.

Mom was thrilled, and, of course, so was Baylee, because Brock wasn’t just your average Joe. Brock is Brock Boesner, the incredibly talented University of North Dakota hockey player who was the first-round draft pick by the Vancouver Canucks.

According to Baylee, her date with Brock “was amazing.”

3. When the police car slowly rolled up to Maine’s Lonesome Pine Trails ski resort on Prom Night, a huge crowd was gathered for the red-carpet event.

Ethan Hill and Sophie Saunders coming into the prom

Posted by Elizabeth Marin Bernardini on Saturday, 14 May 2016

An officer got out and opened the back door. Dressed in tux and tophat, Ethan, who has Downs Syndrome, emerged, waving wildly to the picture-snapping crowd. He then walked around the car to escort his date out of the car. Sophie was a special student as well, and there was plenty of cheers and applause from students and teachers alike.

Aside from the Hollywood-like treatment, the two were named Prom King and Queen.

4. We’ve all seen those movies, where that mean-spirited, selfish girl does everything in her power to get chosen Homecoming or Prom queen. Cheating, lying, rigging the outcome. But that’s where THIS story differs.

Because all the prom queen candidates at Fair Grove High School in Missouri wanted one person to win the crown. A very special person. Her name is Maisie, and she has Downs Syndrome.

Maisie was one of three girls competing for the coveted crown. But her two competitors had something else in mind. Giving up on their own dreams of winning, the girls campaigned heartily for Maisie to win in a landslide. And she did. Maisie was so excited with the victory, that she wore her crown to school for the next few days.

5. And we all remember the cheerleaders back in high school. They would almost always only go out with the most popular guys and athletes, while the rest of us regular guys never had a chance.

But Mikal, a very pretty cheerleader at a Florida high school, had learned that none of the special education students had attended the previous year’s prom. So she did something very special. She entered the special ed class with a box and asked if Jonathan, who has autism, would come up beside her for a moment.

When he did, she said, “I have a question for you.” Then she opened the box. And there was a cake inside it with white icing words asking, “Will you go to the prom with me?”

Jonathan read it aloud and started jumping up and down excitedly through the entire classroom with the biggest grin on his face. A smiling and laughing Mikal asked, “So is that a yes?” Jonathan shouted, “YES!”

6. Kara Marcum, a senior at Bolivar High School in Tennessee, was crowned prom queen, beating out three other candidates for the title.

Kara has Down Syndrome and underwent a very serious surgery when she was 3 to correct a heart condition.

Her parents never dreamed their daughter would receive such an honor, and it’s the first time in the school’s history that the award went to a student with Downs Syndrome.

7. Jon’s parent’s, Mike and Mary, made a very sad mental list when he was born and diagnosed with autism. Things he would never do. He would never play on the football team, they thought. He’d never get married. He would never go to the prom.

Years later, they regretted having those negative thoughts of things he surely could not and would not do, because early one evening when Jon was 19, Mike and Mary got to see their son walk arm-in-arm among the colorful balloons and lights with his prom date, Maddi, who was on the prom court the previous year.

Maddi said, “I knew he wouldn’t have gotten the chance if it wasn’t for me asking him, so I thought he deserved the chance to go.”

Maddi first noticed Jon sitting all alone eating by himself. She invited him to sit with her, and they’ve been friends ever since.

8. Andrew, an ex-soldier, travelled 470 miles to take 18-year-old Emily to her prom. Emily, who has Downs Syndrome, is the stepdaughter of one of Andrew’s good friends, and when he heard that no one had asked her to the prom, he wasn’t about to have her miss out on the big event. So he showed up at her door with a bouquet of pink roses and asked her to be his date. She was also voted prom queen.

But the story doesn’t quite end there. After spending more and more time with the young woman, Andrew, who served in Iraq and developed post-traumatic stress disorder, claims Emily has calmed his anxieties, night terrors and panic attacks that typically come with PTSD. All things considered, it was definitely worth traveling the 470 miles for a date.

9. Amber’s parents never thought she would be asked to go the high school prom in Houston, Texas. She has Downs Syndrome so they never thought it would be possible, that nobody would WANT to ask her to the highlight event of high school.

But as prom was approaching, a tall, good-looking young man did exactly that…because he WANTED to. Matt had known Amber from being in the choir with her and said he never thought of anyone else to ask but her.

Said Matt: “She’s awesome, she a fun person and it’s great to hang out with her.”

Matt picked Amber up in a limo and they danced the night away.

10. 19-year-old Jayce Whisenhunt has autism. He also has ADHD and a learning disability. But he was absolutely thrilled to be going to the prom at Montgomery Central High School in Clarkesville, Tenn. As a matter of fact, he was so ecstatic that he went out and bought himself a $400 suit and practiced and practiced dancing until he wore himself out.

And he was even extremely happy that his 24-year-old sister, Jessica, was going to be his date. It just couldn’t get any better, he thought. But there was a big problem when he and his sister arrived at the prom.

Jessica far exceeded the age limit of 20 that had been set by the school. So his sister was turned away, and Jayce could not stay at the party without her, so he left in tears. He was devastated. He was a loner. He had no friends and his sister was the only one who understood him.

When the members of the community learned of what had happened, they decided to throw another prom party, with Jessica serving as the prom queen. The event included a limo, a dinner, a DJ and all the red carpet treatment one could ever ask for.

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