Every Parent Will Enjoy Reading This.

Story by Hannah Blythe Dunaway

Mama, you GET to be the one. The one they run to when they fall. The one who jumps up when they call.

You’re the one who laughs at their jokes and cooks their favorite meal on their birthday. You’re the one who cleans their mess and calms their fears. You’re the one with late nights and early mornings. You’re the one who worries and frets and questions it all.

And at the end of the day, while their snuggled safely in bed, you often lay there wondering just what all you did wrong.

But mama, Their greatest dream is you. In all your messy and imperfect and trying, they get a glimpse of what it looks like to see a mama who pushes on.

A mama who loves them with all she’s got and makes their needs her own. And as they grow big and grow strong, they’ll often look back at how their mama always seemed so strong.

They’ll wonder how you did it and always made it look so easy.

And then, they’ll learn the truth as they have children of their own….

They’ll see what it means to be a mama who somehow just keeps on. They’ll see what it means to lean into a Savior with a strength far beyond their own.

And as the roles seem to change, one thing will remain the same… To them, sweet mama, you’ll always be the one.

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