Every Woman Will Undoubtedly Enjoy Visiting Such A Nail Polish Salon.

Story by Becca Carnahan

I’ve only had my nails done a handful of times in my life and while it’s a nice treat, I haven’t been tempted to make it a habit.

However, my recent visit to Norah’s Pail Nolish Salon has converted me. I will be a frequent customer and here’s why.

1. The owner is a savvy businesswoman.

When asked what other colors she had, Norah replied, “My customers like blue so I do all blue. I’m the only Pail Nolish Salon like this.” That kind of commitment to your brand is commendable in a world where we feel like we need to be everything to everyone.

2. She runs a business that respects a healthy work life balance.

When asked about her work schedule, Norah told me “I close my salon when I go to school and play with my friends. When it’s open, I work in the morning then I go home for lunch. My coworker watches my stuffed animals while I’m gone from my house.”

I love that she a) takes breaks for lunch, her social life, and ongoing education, b) arranges her work schedule in the way she wants with zero apologies, and c) shares responsibilities with her coworkers. I have to tell you, she didn’t seem stressed at all even as a busy working mother. Speaking of education,

3. Norah is not afraid to work on herself as an entrepreneur.

When asked about the name of her salon, she replied “Norah’s Pail Nolish Salon… Nail Nolish Salon… I actually don’t know how to say it but I’m working on it.” We should all be more open about what we don’t know and what we’re working on.

And lastly,

4. Norah values her customers.

As I got ready to leave, Norah handed me a dollar bill. “Here’s some money so you can come back again and again.” The money was even personalized AND branded which I mean, wow, that’s putting forth the extra effort.

With or without the discount, I’m certain I’ll be back. This budding entrepreneur has a lot to teach me, and I have to say, she was totally right about the blue. 

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