Everyone Should Teach Their Kids About This.

Story by Stacey Jackson Gagnon

If you don’t teach your child about kids like mine, I’ll teach my child about kids like yours.

“Mommy am I broken?”

“Mommy, he called me a monster.”

“Mommy, they said I’m too slow to play.”

“Mommy, why did God make me this way?”

These words have been spoken by my children over the years. All were the result of words spoken by others.

Words hurt. Words launched cannot be returned.

Staring, pointing and cupped whispers are non-verbal words. Words “not spoken” hurt too.

As school starts up, take 10 minutes to teach your child about differences. Teach them that they will get to meet all kinds of people in this world. People who use wheelchairs, walkers and braces. Kids who are missing an arm, or a leg or maybe an ear. All kinds of people, and that is what makes this world interesting.

And if you don’t, I’ll still be there to let my kids know, that sometimes moms and dads forget to tell their kids that different is beautiful. That kids who say mean things or point and stare, just haven’t been taught a very important lesson. They haven’t been taught the lesson that different is normal…everyone is different. 

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