Everyone Was CONFUSED When Santa Got Down On The Floor. But The Reason Is Priceless.

Ok…It’s normal at Christmastime to see pictures of kids crying and yelling their little hearts out when sitting on Santa’s lap. He’s a big hairy stranger and they’re scared of him… they don’t trust him. And that can be even worse for shy, autistic children.

Erin Deely of Charlotte, North Carolina worried that her son, Brayden, would have a complete meltdown when the family went to the mall to visit with the jolly old elf. But Erin and her family were in for quite a surprise during this visit with Santa during the mall’s A Magical Visit from Caring Santa. Because THIS particular Santa had spent plenty of time around children like Brayden.

During this visit, Santa did not do lap sits; he did something very special. He put a snow globe on the floor, and when the children were struck by it’s beauty, he got onto the floor with them and played with toys with them. Brayden was smiling from ear to ear. He loved it.

Says Erin: ‘I just wanted to hug Santa, because I was so happy that he got down, I knew what would make Brayden comfortable, but I didn’t want to tell them that.’

Added Brayden’s father, Dan: ‘It’s once in a blue moon that we will see him engaged like that.’

Maeghan Pawley, the community outreach manager in the southeast region for Autism Speaks, said: ‘The whole staff (including Santa) was overly accommodating for all of our kids, really trying to get the best picture and create the best experience possible, regardless of how much time or patience was needed to do so.’

And that’s one Christmas gift many parents can appreciate. 

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