Ex-Military Man Reveals Why He Has Donated 30 GALLONS OF BLOOD.

Our veterans served their country and served it well, and here are 10 stories of veterans continuing to serve.

1. 85-year-old William Chesser was in the U.S. Army and fought in Korea. Since 1960, he has donated blood regularly, and in February, he hit the 30-gallon mark. That’s a LOT of blood.

William, of Ariton, Alabama, says that giving blood is one need that he can help fill.

2. In New Mexico, there are many veterans who can’t afford a car, are elderly or disabled, and cannot get to Albuquerque for medical treatment. That’s where Mel Ortega and Bernardo Jaramillo come in.

Now, these guys – both veterans – aren’t exactly spring chickens themselves, with Mel being 85 and Bernardo being 70. But for the past 16 years they have both been healthy enough to get around and transport other veterans in their van to get the medical help those veterans need.

Says Bernardo: “I don’t care from what war… we gotta serve them, because they served us.”

3. Michelle Manhart is a former Playboy model. She also is a veteran with the United States Air Force.

A few years ago, Michelle came upon some students at Valdosta State University in Georgia who were demonstrating against racism. And they kept walking across an American flag in doing so.

Michelle walked over to them, picked up the flag and walked away. She would not give back the flag, so police put her in handcuffs and took her away. She was not charged.

4. A sticker on Samantha Ford’s car read: “Half my heart is in Afghanistan,” obviously referring to her other half serving his country from around the world.

One day, as she was eating with her kids inside a Dunkin Donuts near Boston, she noticed what looked to be a ticket stuck onto her windshield. When she got out to her car, she pulled it from her windshield and was stunned when she read the note.

It said: “I noticed the sticker on the back of your car. Take your hero out to dinner when he comes home. Thank you both for service. Him deployed and you for waiting. — United States Veteran, God Bless”

Inside this note were 2 twenty-dollar bills.

5. Anthony Ameen lost his left leg in Afghanistan in 2008. The blast that took it also put a hole in his right leg that just would not heal. And that really bugged him. He got used to and was even proud of his prosthetic left leg, but there wasn’t a whole lot he could do about the right leg wound.

That is, until he was contacted by Wings for Warriors, a group that works with physicians to help fix wounds and scars. So in a short time, Anthony’s right leg wound was taken care of.

Says Anthony: “I’m so grateful for what they did — it’s made a huge difference in my life.”

6. Homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt made a big difference in Kate McClure’s life when her car ran out of gas on a Philadelphia street. He made sure she was safe and walked two miles to get her some fuel, spending the last 15 dollars he had for it.

Kate appreciated his kindness and generosity so much that she started a GoFundMe page for Johnny, telling of his tremendous deed and hoping to help him out. Kate did a pretty good job.

Donations reached about $400,000. Johnny now has a home… a nice one.

7. John Nixon is an 88-year-old widower. Back in the 40s he was trained as a commando and fought in the Korean War. But, being so elderly, all that training was not gonna help him when 5 knuckleheads with knives were mugging a young woman.

Just kidding!!… he kicked their stupid 20-something asses. He karate chopped one of them in the neck and knocked him unconscious. He disabled another then dealt bravely with the others. John was cut on his hand, but, all things considered, it was pretty minor.

Says John of that incident: “Fear is not in my dictionary.”

8. Army veteran Michael Hammons of Athens, Georgia, spotted a dog who was suffering in the heat of a locked car. Michael broke one of the car’s windows out to save the small dog. He then pulled it from the car, took it to a shaded area and gave it some water.

The car’s owner, a 22-year-old woman, was furious and called police to arrest Michael for his actions. Police said they hated to do it, but they had to arrest him. But, authorities later dropped all charges against him.

The owner of the car, however, was cited by animal control for leaving an animal in a hot car.

9. Marine veteran Alex Morales was getting his driver’s license renewed in Bakersfield, California, and when it came to picture-taking time, he was asked to remove his baseball cap, which proudly displayed the Marine Corps letters. Alex refused. He was asked again… and he refused again.

The DMV official then asked why, and Alex told the official that others were not asked to remove their head wear, so why should he. The official said for THOSE people, that was because of their religion. Alex told the official that he gave an oath to the Marine Corps, and his oath was just as good as a religion.

The official finally took his picture and told him if there were any problems, they would let him know. And Alex let that official know that if there WERE any problems, he would appeal it.

As he left, several DMV employees clapped quietly. Apparently, the DMV did not want to fight with Alex, and his license shows him proudly wearing his Marine Corps hat. Other veterans now vow they will do the same as Alex.

10. Jason Galvin, of Rush City, Minnesota, was a sharp-shooter with the U.S. Army, and when he spotted an American eagle tangled in a rope and dangling upside-down about 75-feet high in a tree, he couldn’t just let that go.

So he got his .22-caliber rifle and fired about 150 shots around the bird to sever the rope and nearby branches. Finally, his shots were enough to bring the bird to the ground, with other branches cushioning its fall.

He took it to a facility for treatment and it recovered. It’s a great American story of heroism to save our national symbol of freedom, which is what the bird was named… Freedom.

Freedom from certain death, as the weakened bald eagle had been stuck in that tree for the previous two days. It might also be of interest to note that the bird was freed from its serious predicament on July 4th. 

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