Family Builds New Fire Station To Pay Back For Saving Their Dad’s Life.

What would you do if you won the lottery? Many of those who have hit it big have used it to help others. Here are 10 stories… of giving back.

1. A few years back, Mark and Cindy Hill of Missouri won nearly $300 million in the Powerball Lottery. They lived in the small town of Camden Point, and wanted to do something special for the fire department there, since members of it were instrumental in saving the life of Mark’s father…. twice.

So the couple took a nice chunk of their winnings and had a new state-of-the-art fire facility built, with all the bells and whistles any fire department could ask for.

2. A 90-year-old Florida woman won more than $31 million in one of last year’s Lotto drawings, and she and her husband, also 90, decided to give the entire amount to their family.

Ruby Sorah and her husband, of Largo, have always lived very modestly, so their biggest joy was to make their children and other relatives happy with it.

Actually, they didn’t give them ALL the money. They went and bought a new spark plug for their lawnmower before sharing the wealth.

3. In mid-February, in Wareham, Massachusetts, Sofia Andrade, a mother of three, was thrilled when she won $200 instantly on a scratch-off card.

As she was preparing to leave the store after cashing it in, she looked up and saw an elderly man shivering out in the cold, the brutal winds haven beaten his face in the sub-zero temperatures. In his shaky hands he held a sign that read: Anything would help. Now, all the shelters had filled up, and he had nowhere to go.

So Sofia called him over to her car and asked him to get in. She took the man, named Glenn, to a Dunkin Donuts for a quick bite and some nice hot coffee. Then Sofia set Glenn up for two nights at the Rosewood Motel. He was stunned by her amazing generosity. But Sofia did something else.

After leaving Glenn at the hotel, she drove home and started a GoFundMe page to help him out. Well, within two days that fund for Glenn stood at more than $5,000. It’s a phenomenal thing when people come together for the good of someone else.

4. John Kutey’s share of a big lottery win in New York amounted to almost $29 million. There were so many things he and his wife could do with it. But they wanted to do something very special… they wanted to give back to their hometown area of Green Island, New York.

So they donated $200,000 to build a water park in the name of their parents. And those parents obviously instilled a great moral compass in their children.

5. Just a week after winning $53 million in the EuroMillions Lottery, 67-year-old Angela Maxwell put on her apron and was back in the kitchen serving up meals at her community center.

Angela says she still feels committed to volunteering because she loves the people she serves. Her husband, Richard, works as a charity fundraiser.

6. Allen and Violet Large are both in their 70s. They never had a big fortune, and when they won more than $11 million in the Canadian lottery, they were still fine to do without it. So they gave their entire winnings to charity.

Those charities included hospitals, their fire department, churches, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and cemeteries.

Said Violet: “What you’ve never had, you never miss.”

Allen added: “That money we won was nothing. We have each other.”

7. In British Columbia, Bob Erb won $25 million in the Lotto Max. Bob was always the kind of guy that would help many of those in need. When he won his lottery fortune, that didn’t stop.

He bought cars for those who needed them, spent $300,000 in dental care for those who needed it, gave $70,000 for improvements to the community center, and left a $10,000 tip at a restaurant after hearing the owner’s daughter was just diagnosed with cancer.

The 61-year-old Erb is also a big marijuana smoker, and donated a million dollars to support the legalization of it.

8. Just before last Christmas, in Boston, an anonymous man gave his winning lottery ticket to St. Anthony’s Shrine. It was worth $100,000.

Father Thomas Conway, the executive director of St. Anthony’s was practically giddy when expressing his gratitude over the sizable donation, saying it would go to help with a healthcare clinic at the church for the homeless and feeding more than 500 needy families.

9. Tom Crist didn’t even tell his kids that he won $40 million in the Canadian lottery. He was actually in the middle of playing a round of golf, took the call from a lottery representative telling him he’d won, and went back to finish his round without saying a word to anyone.

The former CEO of a company said he had no need for the money and donated all of it to cancer charities. His wife was only 57 when she died of cancer the year before.

10. $429 million is an awful lot of money. The Smith Family of Trenton, New Jersey, hit it big with the Powerball lottery, but Pearlie Mae Smith and her seven children wanted to do something big for their community. So they gave almost all of their entire winnings to that… their community.

They just needed to take care of a few bills and students loans, and the rest went to help other obtain employment, receive the proper education and otherwise change the dynamics causing people in their community to live in poverty.

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