Family Can’t Thank Enough The Couple Who Fulfilled Their Son’s Wish.

In New Haven, Connecticut, Tori-Anne Dauria always thought of her son, Alexander, as a miracle. And now her 9-year-old son, who is autistic, was wanting something last Christmas that was virtually impossible. He wanted a baby grand piano. After all, it was only a couple of bucks, he believed. Shouldn’t be any problem.

Yep. That’s all he wanted, and he expected it from Santa because he KNEW he was on the jolly old elf’s NICE list. And that’s true. Alexander had been a pretty good boy all year long and he was certain to be on that Nice list. But a baby grand piano. Wow! Santa would need to bring his extra large gift bag for that. So… could he?

Well Tori-Anne was just about to find out that life is full of miracles, and many of them DO happen right around Christmastime. Tori-Anne took Alexander to visit with a sensitive Santa at the ASD Fitness Center in Orange. The lighting was low, so as not to hurt the children’s eyes, and Alexander told Santa what he wanted most of all… a baby grand piano.

Santa laughed softly, and told Alex that sometimes he can’t always bring what children on Santa’s nice list ask for. It just so happened that a reporter was there doing a story on Santa’s visits with the children, and within a day or two, that story was published, mentioning that the children there were wanting everything from a pair of black socks to a baby grand piano.

It was a story that Malcolm and Barbara Rashba read. And they read it with great interest. And it just so happened that THEY had a baby grand piano. It was Barbara’s childhood piano. Their son, Gary, used to play on it all the time and was very musically inclined. But, sadly, he died a couple of years ago from cancer. Barbara and Malcolm described their son as a very kind and giving person, and he would have LOVED to have donated the piano to a child who really wanted it.

Their decision was made, and their baby grand piano, worth about $7,000, would be given to that child who really wanted it. So, with that, Malcolm and Barbara contacted the newspaper and found out who that child was who wanted the baby grand piano. They also located the Santa who talked to the children that day, and found some people to disassemble the piano and reassemble it at Alexander’s home.

And a few days before Christmas, Santa arrived at Alexander’s home, spoke with his mother briefly, and escorted the young boy down the stairs from his room. And the look on Alexander’s face when they presented him with the piano… was absolutely priceless.

But then again, you wouldn’t expect anything less… of a true Christmas miracle. 

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