Family Is Enjoying Pool, Then Heart Stops When Massive Visitor Decided To Join Them.

Elephants are big and beautiful, but they can also certainly be dangerous as well. When an elephant ran toward a lodge in Botswana, guests there had no idea what it would do next. Would it run over them? Would it cause major damage. It could have, but this enormous beast slowed down as it approached the in-ground pool on the lodge grounds.


It then used its snout to pull in water from the pool before spraying it into its mouth. Swimmers were even in the pool when the elephant did this. They actually seemed to feel safe, although some may have hid their nerves well.

It’s not every day you can get that close to such an incredible creature. The lodge has even had other animals visit and drink from its pool. They includekudus, giraffes, wild dogs, buffaloes, impalas, leopards, ostriches, warthogs, lions, mongooses, porcupines, zebras and other wild animals.


When the elephant had finished drinking from the pool, it rambled back into the African wilderness, and left the lodge guests in complete awe of its appearance. It’s certain to be an experience they will never forget.

Take a peek at this heart-stopping interaction for yourself in the video below.

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