Family Sacrifices Car To Save Their Kitten.

When we sacrifice for someone else – whether it be time or effort – it shows our character. But there are those who sacrifice more… a lot more… than time and effort.

Couple of years ago in Vero Beach, Florida, Denise Neal adopted a little kitten… a little CURIOUS kitten, because just moments later, that little rascal crawled up inside the dash console of Denise’s car, parked in her driveway, and just would not come out.

Denise and her family tried to lure it out with food and water, and, even though it continued to cry, the tiny kitten just would not budge.

Over the next few hours, several animal lovers and some car mechanics stopped by to offer help, because it was crazy hot outside, and no one knew how much more of the heat the kitten could take.

Finally, a car mechanic took apart the dash, with Denise’s permission. But the kitten was lodged into a small part they couldn’t get at. They would have to use a saw to cut out the dash… and, basically, destroy the Monte Carlo.

Surely not… but Denise said, “Do it!” And they did.

The kitten was rescued and Denise named it “Monte” after her car. Would she do it again.

Says Denise: “Yes, because it’s a baby.”

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