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Family Told To Pull The Plug On Brain Dead Teen, Then One Man Pays Her A Visit

A adolescent who was pronounced brain dead after a horrific accident made a remarkable comeback, according to her parents, when a devoted family friend came to the hospital to pray for her cure.

Taylor Hale was 14 when she was involved in an accident that put her in a coma. Her parents worried she would never wake up, sadly ending her life.

Taylor was with a group of pals following a football game when one of them informed him that he needed to go. She and another buddy leapt onto the bonnet of the friend’s car to keep him from leaving.

However, the driver inadvertently started reversing, and Taylor and her buddy were catapulted from the car’s bonnet. Taylor was knocked unconscious after hitting her head on the ground, but her companion walked away unscathed.

Taylor was taken to the hospital and her parents, Chuck Hale and Stacey Hennigsen, were notified that she had suffered a catastrophic brain injury. Taylor was placed in a medically induced coma for seven days to permit her brain to recover. However, things did not appear to be looking up.

Taylor was still in a coma six days later when she had a brain hemorrhage. Because of the bleeding, a portion of her brain fell into her spinal canal, which physicians described as the end of the road.

Doctors notified the parents that their daughter appeared to be brain-dead and that they should consider donating her organs and making funeral arrangements.

But things changed once a family friend paid a visit.

Jeff Stickel, a family friend and chiropractor, arrived at the hospital one day after the parents were informed of the devastating news. Stickel, a fervent Christian, desired to pray for Taylor and her family. He informed Taylor’s parents that he thought God was calling him to assist in her healing.

Stickel was informed there was nothing he could do for Taylor’s parents, but they consented to let him pray with them regardless. He put his hands around Taylor’s neck and prayed to God to save her life.

Taylor was taken off life support later that day, but instead of collapsing, she struggled to draw a breath. She gradually started to show indications of recovery over the next several hours. Her brain got more active, her eyelids moved, and she spoke for the first time in a week.

Taylor miraculously emerged from her coma.

It was indeed God’s hand at work, Chuck explained. That’s the only way to describe it.

Taylor was clearly on the mend, and she would spend months relearning everything from walking and talking to eating on her own.

Taylor surmounted the obstacles and graduated with her class at Wake High School, despite the fact that her rehabilitation was far from simple.

Taylor said it was just like a terrible, frustrating recuperation. Yet she pushed through since one has to do what one has to do.

She is always grateful to all the doctors, nurses, and therapists who helped her get healthy, she continued, but God did most of the saving.


Taylor stated that she intended to attend community college after graduation to pursue event organizing.

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