“Family Wants Me To Forego ID Verification”

Source: Reddit

For some background I manage two franchise locations of a chain of mobile stores. Because of the expensive cost of products sold and nature of our services, ID verification is extremely strict from our company. I get a lot of people who give me a hard time about this, often people wanting to use expired ID or a health card. Here’s what happened today.

I get a call from my colleague when I’m opening, saying an iPhone that’s coming today has already been paid for by a girl yesterday, and to call her when it comes in. No biggie, until the phone comes. I leave her a voicemail and a few minutes later an older male comes in claiming to be her dad.

Dad: I am here to pick up my daughter’s phone.

Me: No problem sir, I just need to see the receipt and some ID.

Man pulls out both, but his ID doesn’t match the name on the receipt which I presume is his daughter’s.

Me: I’m sorry sir, but in order to release the device the account holder has to be present as I was given no prior permissions to give it to somebody else.

He gets visibly upset.

Dad: I came with my daughter yesterday, we share the account under her name and the phone is for me. I will call her.

Me: Even if you call her sir, I cannot verify her identity over the phone. (this is true, store agents cannot do anything with account details over the phone because we do not have the proper training to do so).

He calls her anyway, and she starts screaming at me on the phone to give the phone to her dad. I will also add here that they have different last names.

I explain the situation to them, and they said that because they came in yesterday together it should be good enough. But I was not working yesterday and did not see either of them before.

I explain that if they wanted the pickup to be done by another person they had to give that kind of info in advance, especially since we couldn’t guarantee that the same employee would be working.

Daughter came in for the phone but she was super rude about it and told me she wouldn’t be back.

I really can’t wrap my head around why people get mad over us keeping their purchases secure.

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