Family Who Adopted 3 Brothers Couldn’t Take the Fourth, So Their Neighbors Gave Him a Home

When is a house full enough? Well, you probably just need to gauge the amount of love it has in it. And any house could use more of that, and when a house IS full of love, there’s really not much else you need to ask for.

Julia Washington and her husband, although having two children of their own, adopted three young brothers, Michael, age 6, Jess, age 5, and Camden, age 4. They were thrilled to have them in their family.

They also were thrilled to find out that their neighbor, Jay Houston, had just adopted the fourth brother, Elijah, and this little boy was only 17 months old.

Julia and her husband would have adopted Elijah as well, but they were only allowed to adopt three. They hated to leave out that little baby but believed a good family would adopt him. And one did, and that good family just happened to live right next to them.

You just could not have planned something any better than this. Because now all four of the brothers will get to grow up together, even if they are not quite in the same household.

Says Jay, “When Elijah is with his brothers, he just lights up.” 

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