Family Who Lost Their Dog Found Him 60 Miles Away From Their House.

It’s very upsetting when one of our pets goes missing. It can be outright heartbreaking. And with each day that pet is gone, the pain of it seems unbearable, almost like a parent losing a child.

In Turkey, members of the Arac family woke up one day and their dog, Leo, was missing. They searched high and low, but no Leo. They were frantic, but after a while, they realized that it was just hopeless.

Some months later, a son in the family, named Sertac, took a trip to another town about 60 miles away. He had traveled there to do some work. While there, sitting on a street outside a cafe, he spotted a stay dog roaming by. He couldn’t help but think that that dog looked an awful lot like Leo. He wasn’t in real good shape like Leo was when he was last with him, but the resemblance was definitely there.

So Sertac took a picture of the stray dog and sent it to his mom and dad. The chances of that dog being their long-gone dog Leo were pretty astronomical. 60 miles is far too much of a distance for a dog to travel. But one really never knows unless they check for certainties. Sertac’s parents could not believe the amazing resemblance of the dog to Leo. So they decided to travel and meet their son and see the dog in person for themselves.

When they met up with their son, the dog noticed them, and he immediately ran to them and jumped all over them. It was, indeed, Leo. He had endured many months without them, and he was now hungry and alone. But now the family was back together.

Bu aile Leo'ya (Sokak köpeği) Zonguldak'ta bakıyor. Köpek bir gün kayboluyor. Aile, bayram için Bartın'a gidiyor. Bir kişi Leo'yu Bartın sokaklarında görmüş olabileceğini söylüyor. Sonrasını izliyorsunuz…

Posted by İŞSİZLER on Monday, 10 June 2019

The family believes Leo may have been kidnapped from them by some ruthless individual, as the family has possibly lost two other dogs that way. But that’s just a theory. The important thing now is that Leo is back home again, and there’s plenty of love to catch up on. 

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