Father Asks Is He Wrong – Demolishing Daughter’s Room When She Moved With Boyfriend.

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My 18 yr old daughter, Meg, is in college. She moved in with her boyfriend a few months ago, which left her old bedroom empty.

Her bedroom used to be right next to our tiny living room. To make our tiny living room into a normal sized living room, we knocked out my daughter’s room’s wall, refloored the space and fixed the walls. Now it looks like the bedroom was never there and we have a spacious living room.

When my daughter came home to visit and saw that her room is gone, she made a huge deal about it. She got all emotional and said if we never wanted to let her move back, we should’ve just said so instead of completely demolishing her room.

I told her that if anything happens and she needs to move back, we will welcome her and she could sleep on the couch as long as she wants. But she accused us of wanting to get rid of her forever and for her to never visit us since we got rid of her room so fast, only a few months after she moved out and we should’ve waited longer.

AM I A JERK for not waiting longer with the renovation?

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