Father Comes Across A Paper Where His Son Indicated He Had No Friends.

A father in New Jersey was going through some of his son’s school projects when he came across a paper where his son indicated that he had no friends at all. Well, that just tore him up…broke his heart, as it would Any father… any parent.

His son, Christopher, was autistic and believed he had no friends. The father, Bob Cornelius, made an emotional post about it on Facebook. He talked about how a famous footballer sat with an autistic kid at lunch because no one else would sit with him. Then, after that, kids started sitting with him. But where were they, he asked, before that kid was thrust into the spotlight? They were there, sitting at other tables… and ignoring him. And the saddest part, he said, is that children are “not taught to embrace and accept the differences of others.”

It was a very valid point. Bob also talked about Christopher wanting to have sleepovers with a friend… but he never had a friend to invite over, unlike his brothers, who always had friends in the house. Christopher couldn’t do it because he didn’t have a friend… he’s Never had a friend.

At the end of his post, he asked that people share the picture of Christopher’s school work to create awareness about autism.

Bob’s post went viral, with more than 45,000 shares. Christopher has received thousands of cards and packages from all over the world since then. And now, Christopher is a happy young guy… with thousands of friends… from all over the world. 

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