Father Contributes To Stepdaughter Wedding Instead Giving Money To His Daughter Pay Off Student Loan.

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I (51M) have 2 kids (25F, 19F) with my ex, and 2 stepkids (23F, 21M) from my current marriage. 25F started college quite a few years ago, and I had a college fund. She got into an Ivy school and received a small % in financial aid (didn’t qualify for more). She’s now completing her masters from the same school, and doing a paid internship with a big organization. 25F still has some student loans left.

23F is getting married next year and I’m contributing a decent amount to the wedding. I have a good income and also a decent amount of savings. Bottom line is that 25F found out I was paying for part of the wedding and she’s been pretty upset saying that I could’ve used some of that money to help her out. I asked her if she’s struggling with managing everything, she said no but that it isn’t fair to her or 19F that I’m spending so much on 23F’s wedding.

I said that I already contributed to her college fund, and my other daughter got a full ride to her school. This has nothing to do with any of that. She got kind of angry with me and I know that she also had a bit of an argument with 23F about it. Even 19F got involved, saying that I shouldn’t be ‘throwing all this money’ for this wedding.

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