Father Jumps From Moving Car To Save His Daughter.

Usually you’re not gonna want to jump out of a moving car those typically don’t end very well but sometimes you go to do what you got to do. Here are 7 stories of car jumpers.

1. While traveling on a busy road in China, a 4-year-old girl climbed from the back seat to the front seat and accidentally opened the passenger door and fell out.

In an instant, the shocked father followed her right out that door to save her. The girl narrowly missed the back wheel of the car and the taxi driver following behind them was alert enough to slam on the brakes just in time.

2. When a southern California mother left her daughters in her car while she paid for gas, a man, identified as Cory Ahumada, got in her car to steal it.

But the 10-year-old daughter was a quick thinker, and immediately grabbed her younger sister before the car picked up too much speed and jumped out. Fortunately, they suffered only minor injuries.

3. Back in late November, a college student in Santa Cruz, California was hitchhiking when she accepted a ride with a man. Instead of dropping her off at where she asked, he kept on going. She pleaded with him to stop but he refused.

Finally, she felt the only thing she could do was to jump out of the car. So she did. Another college student said that, although it was dangerous, it was a very smart move on her part.

4. In Bhopal, an aspiring model’s ex-boyfriend yanked her out of a friend’s car and kidnapped her with the help of three of his friends.

While in their own car, the men beat her and threatened her with acid. They were doing this as revenge for the woman breaking up with her ex.

But during the kidnapping, the woman found the courage to jump from the moving car and get to safety before contacting police.

5. Ok… we’ve been talking about people jumping Out of moving cars. Let’s switch gears and talk about someone who jumped In to one.

Police officer Joe Goss, of Suffolk County, New York, spotted a car moving incredibly slow – about 20 mph – on the Long Island Expressway. He pulled up to the driver and tried to get her to pull over. She refused.

He also noticed there was a toddler in the back seat. So he sped up a little ways, pulled over and waited for the car to get there. When it did, he jumped into the car through the open passenger-side window and took control of the car.

The woman driver was charged with impairment by drugs, aggravated DWI, and endangering the welfare of a child.

6. In Stockton, California, a scared little 4-year-old boy climbed out of his car seat and jumped from his moving car after it was hijacked.

His mother had put him in his carseat and went to say goodbye to relatives she was visiting when a strange man jumped in the car and started driving away. Within a block, the boy jumped. He received cuts and scrapes but, otherwise, was fine.

7. In China, a little boy was riding in the car with his grandfather driving when all of a sudden, the hatchback of the car flung open and the little boy tumbled out.

Grandpa was totally unaware of what had just happened and kept driving. The little boy started chasing after him before quickly giving up.

The driver behind grandpa, who caught footage of the incident on his dashcam, quickly stopped and his passenger picked up the shaken boy. They then quickly caught up with grandpa and got his grandson back to him.

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