Father ‘left daughter, 5, outside in middle of night so he could go take drugs’.

A Utah man was detained after security footage showed him leaving his five-year-old daughter on a college campus in near-freezing weather.

Adrian Justin Sanchez, 41, is charged with felony child abuse by negligence after abandoning his daughter Acelynn outside with only a few blankets.

Authorities claim he drove Acelynn to Ogden Weber Applied Technology College at 5 a.m. and then left. The temperature was roughly 39 degrees.

At 7.30 a.m., Acelynn was discovered by a security guard and reconnected with her mom, Gena Weaver.

Weaver,36,stated that her daughter told her she didn’t think anybody would ever locate her and that she would never see her mom again.

Sanchez, who has permission to visit, phoned Weaver on October 8 and asked Acelynn to spend the night at his residence in Ogden, where he lives with his mom.

However that night, he reportedly intended to take his daughter to a neighboring residence to consume narcotics.Weaver explained

Girl Left Alone

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: A 5-year-old girl is abandoned by her father at a college campus and spends the night alone in near-freezing weather.

Posted by World News Now on Thursday, October 13, 2016

When Sanchez’s mom denied to let him go, he “tore up” her room. When she woke up the next morning, he and Acelynn left.

Weaver said Acelynn informed her mother that Sanchez woke her up in the middle of the night and tried to break into two other residences.

After that failed, Sanchez reportedly drove Acelynn to his aunt’s house and dropped her items in the front yard.

Sanchez ordered his daughter to sleep on the yard, but Acelynn objected, according to Weaver.

They then went to the college, which was only a few blocks away from Sanchez’s house.

Acelynn, who was only wearing pajama leggings, a shirt, and shoes, is shown constructing a makeshift bed with her blankets before falling asleep shortly.

She may also be seen searching around for somebody and testing the door doorknob of a neighboring building to see whether it is accessible.

According to investigators, a school security guard discovered her in tears shortly after she had fallen and scraped her knee.

According to the incident report from Ogden Weber Applied Technology College, Acelynn informed the guard that she and her dad had gone out hunting for their dog and dad had ‘passed out,’ so she spent the night at the school.

Weaver feels Sanchez repeated the same narrative to his own daughter in order for her to ‘stay put.’

He stated he was monitoring her and that she shouldn’t pursue him, Weaver added.

Officers nabbed Sanchez on Friday, two weeks after the assault, according to officials.

When cops arrived at his mother’s house, they discovered him attempting to hide in the bedroom before he confessed to authorities.

Lt. Tim Scott of Ogden stated Sanchez had declined to reveal any information while in detention.

Scott remarked that they would have liked to enquire why he left a five-year-old unsupervised and without a parent at the campus in the early morning hours.

He couldn’t offer any information for them. He was uncooperative during the inquiries.

Weaver was also upset to learn that Sanchez was already out on bond, calling him a “mature guy” who “has to take responsibility for himself.”

Acelynn, according to her mother, has been disturbed by the experience.

Weaver added that she’s really tough and courageous; she smiles when she’s among other people, but she breaks down at home.

Weaver stated that Acelynn gets up every night and checks to see whether she is still alive.

The mom is now seeking a protection order against Sanchez in the hopes that his parental rights will be revoked.

She declared that she is not letting her go there again, and she wants him prosecuted with everything imaginable.

She may have been murdered. That night, she had to sleep on the freezing ground. She was in the dark. No youngster should be left in the dark.

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