Father Of 4 Was Expecting The Wife To Snuggle From Behind But Then Realized This.

The most beautiful feeling in life is to be loved and cared for. A marriage is wonderful and peaceful when both husband and wife value, appreciate, love and care for each other. Here is a loving story of a great husband who still adores his wife. Do read the story and appreciate your spouse for all that they do without expecting anything in return.

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My alarm went off at 5:15 this morning, like it does every weekday. Sleepily, I reached over to hit the snooze button, then expected to feel my wife snuggle up behind me. Then I remembered that I was in bed alone.

I got up, turned on the lights, and made the bed. I never do that because, usually, she’s still sleeping. Usually, she’s the one to make the bed. Not today.

Now I need to help our four kids get ready for school and out the door. That’s not uncommon, I’ve always helped with the kids and things around the house. What is uncommon is that I’ll be the one to drive the youngest to preschool.

We got married over 15 years ago. Each year has been better than the last. We’ve disagreed frequently, we’ve often become frustrated with each other, but our last big “fight” was over 10 years ago. We learned how to work through disagreements with mutual love and respect. She’s my world. She’s my other half. She’s my [insert corny metaphor here] – except it doesn’t feel corny for us because it’s true.

When we started dating, she told me her health was bad. I didn’t understand how serious she was until I drove her to the hospital one week after our wedding.

Seven years ago was the first time in our marriage that she truly came close to dying. Three years ago, she almost bled-out after a routine procedure. I spent several hours in the waiting room, desperate for news from the doctor, terrified that I’d lost her.

Two years ago, a pandemic hit and, until she got the vaccine, I spent every single day worried about the possibility of her dying if she caught it.

Thankfully, she’s safe and healthy. She’s out of town, visiting family for a few days. A much needed break and I’m glad she was able to go. But I miss her like crazy and every little thing that reminds me she’s gone reminds me that, most likely, one day she will be gone for good. The odds of me dying first are vanishingly small. I wouldn’t want that anyway – I know how much she would hurt and I’d do almost anything to prevent that.

We don’t have movie-worthy lives – in reality, our day to day is pretty mundane. But I feel like we do have that “unrealistic” movie-worthy love. I love cuddling up with her each night. No matter how stressful or exhausting the day was, she’s there to bring me peace and comfort. I love her kisses and her hugs. I love her laugh. Admittedly, I have mixed feelings about her tears but only because I never want her to hurt. I love our intimacy – both physical and emotional. 16 years together and I still love her so much that sometimes it hurts.

Really, I’m glad she’s having fun on her trip. Truly, I’m glad she went. But I can’t wait for her to get back. I miss her.

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