Father Returned The Money He Robbed From The Store Saying It’s Not Enough For His Daughter’s Transplant.

As we all know, desperation can lead to many unorthodox acts. And it would be fair to say that saving the life of your child can certainly put your brain in desperation mode.

In early July, a man entered the One-Stop Smoke Shop in Philadelphia. He pointed a gun at the clerk and threatened to shoot her if she did not open the cash register. When she did, he grabbed what amounted to about $100. When he realized that’s all there was, he returned it to the clerk and said, “You know what, I’m not gonna do it to you, it’s not gonna help my daughter’s kidney transplant.”

He then ran out of the business. Police said that even though he returned the money, he was still going to be charged with attempted armed robbery if he can be identified.

He was described as being a heavy-set man, around 6 feet tall, in his late 20s or early 30s. He wore a black shirt, pants, sneakers and blue latex gloves. And if you happen to live in that area of Philadelphia and think you might know who this person is, let your conscience be your guide. Perhaps there’s a better way to help with things. 

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