Father Secretly Records His Daughter’s Teacher In The Act.

When a couples’ young daughter became depressed because of her teacher’s bullying, they thought of an ingenious way to catch her in the act. The kindergarten-age girl attends Pine Grove Elementary School in Spring Hill, Florida. She was once very excited and happy about going to school, but after a short while, her enthusiasm stopped, and she told her parents she was afraid of her teacher, who was bullying her and other students.

The father, Tomas Valerio, wanted to get to the bottom of that. So he attached a small microphone to her hair and sent on her way to school. While at school, the microphone picked up the teacher, who has not been identified, screaming at her students, and berating them.

At one point, she said: ‘Stop talking! For once in your lives stop talking!’ Another recording caught her snapping: ‘Why would you put an open drink in your backpack? It’s common sense… ‘What’s going to happen to an open drink that goes into your backpack? ‘It’s going to spill all over everything!’

The recording also caught the teacher berating a student over a math problem, saying: “Obviously, you don’t understand it.”

Tomas said he does understand that teachers sometimes have to get loud, but he feels her tone and attitude were unacceptable, and more favored bullying than teaching. It was because of this that his young daughter dreaded going to school. But Tomas did not expect the brick wall he would run into when trying to share the evidence with the school’s principal. The school leader refused to listen to it, citing a policy to ignore any such recordings that were done in secret.

Although Tomas was met with this from the principal, another official associated with the school explained they were all very much aware of the concerns expressed by Tomas and even other parents. The teacher was, in fact, disciplined by the school board for her behavior. It was suggested to Tomas and other parents that they begin the process of changing their child’s teachers to avoid any further conflict. 

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