Father Wants To Ask Son’s Friends “Do They Leave Their Underwear In Same Condition.”

The goal of good hygiene is to keep yourself and your surroundings clean. Hygiene is critical for illness prevention and overall wellness. Scroll down to know what issue the father had with his son’s personal hygiene, and what would you do in such a situation?

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For some reason, my 14 year old son cannot wipe properly. This was never a concern to me as his mom did the laundry.

Unfortunately, she is sick right now, so I have taken over the household chores that she used to handle. My son is still responsible for his, and I do mine as well as hers.

I almost puked from his underwear the first time I did laundry. If he were three and not fully potty trained, I might understand how they end up like this. But he is a healthy young man. He should not be leaving his a** unwiped.

I talked to him about it, and he said he would make an effort to do a better job. Nope. There has been no change in the situation. So I went to the hardware store and installed a wand bidet in the bathroom he uses. We already have one in ours. I informed him that he could either use the bidet or wash his own underwear. He doesn’t know how to use the washing machine, and he refuses to do them by hand.

He started going commando. which just meant the problem was his jeans now.

So I said that we might need to take him to the doctor to see what is wrong with him. If it’s physical or psychological. I also said that the next time his friends were over, I was going to ask them if they left their underwear in the same condition. I WOULD NEVER ACTUALLY EMBARRASS HIM LIKE THAT. He said I was being an a**hole, and he called his mom to tell her what I was doing. She said that he was just like that and I could deal with it until she was better.

I don’t think that’s a great plan. If this kid never learns to wipe his a**, he will be bereft of a sexual partner without a poop fetish. I’m not kink-shaming him if that’s his thing.

He has started using the bidet, but he says that it is gross and weird. I said it was grosser and weirder for a 14 year old to crap his pants every day. We are both stressed about his mom, but this situation isn’t because of her. I asked her.

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