Father Was Hiding A Secret From His Family So That He Doesn’t Spoils Their Christmas.

Dad (67 years old) has stage 4 lung cancer. He took chemo for about a year. It has destroyed his body and the cancer kept on growing. He hid something from us. He started coughing up blood a couple of days before our Christmas dinner. He wouldn’t let mom tell us anything. He wanted one last happy Christmas with his family. He was very weak and tired but stayed up with us and visited. Watched his great grand baby open presents. My nephew managed to come in (he is in the army and stationed 9 hours away)

The day after our Christmas dinner he went to the hospital. He was admitted and given 2 units of blood since his hemoglobin level was below 7.

His coughing up blood got worse. A lot worse. Ct scan showed what the doctors thought was a blood clot blocking his lung. A surgeon scoped his lung and immediately backed back out.

What was thought to be a blood clot is cancer coming up out of his lung and bleeding non-stop.

Mom and dad are on social security. Barely living check to check. I help where I can when they will let me. But they’re determined to still stand on their own. My nephew is new to the military and isn’t making much right now. He’s getting by but barely.

My nephew had to leave to go back to his base this morning. Dad made mom write my nephew a check for $50 last night to be sure my nephew had enough gas money to get back.

Mom told me this morning that their account is empty. That was their last $50.

Dad was moved to hospice care this evening. They can’t stop the bleeding and he will die if they try to do surgery. He will die in a day or two without surgery.

My father on his deathbed was still more concerned about his family than himself. He is willing to die flat broke to ensure his grandson has enough.

I hope I can be half the man he is someday.

Source: Reddit

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