Father Watches His 16-Yr-Old Girl Die, Gets Arrested After Taking Matters Into His Own Hands.

The dad of a 16-year-old girl murdered in a vehicle accident was jailed for attempting to construct a taller guardrail on the side of a bridge where his daughter perished.

Cecily Mcree Hamilton was killed when the automobile she was driving with her boyfriend slid off the side of a bridge in Gainesville, Georgia.

Shannon Hamilton, Cecily’s dad, stood by as cops dragged the automobile from the water beneath the bridge.

He kissed her and told her he loved her. He hugged her cold body and kissed her farewell, he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Hamilton claims that if the bridge had a railing, the youngsters would not have perished. Local officials concurred with the notion, but stated the guardrail’s construction was pending permission.

Hamilton became concerned that he would have to witness another car being pulled from the river because development was too slow.

Every day that passes is another day that one risks losing a life in that stream, he warned.

Hamilton then took action, bringing his own excavator to the bridge to assist in the construction of the railing.

Hamilton intended to construct a berm, a temporary ledge that would assist prevent automobiles from driving off the bridge.

The berm was intended to serve as a temporary remedy while local officials worked out a permanent solution.

Deputies from White County came before Hamilton could finish his job and attempted to persuade him to stop. Officials informed him that if he continued to work on the berm, he would be arrested.

The bereaved dad returned to work and was arrested for trespassing on government property. His son stood by and saw the arrest.

Hamilton told the Gainesville Times that he was grateful that the authorities recognized the issue.

They had no choice, he explained. They didn’t have an option.

Hamilton gained community support after being freed on bond.

Hamilton stated that he did not intend to breach the law, yet felt motivated to prevent other families from going through what he had.

He also started lecturing about safe driving at Cecily’s high school as a method to deal with what had happened to him.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed, he said. It’s how he is mourning, and he is keeping a positive attitude to get through the days.

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